Rogati Tech has reopened, with limitations. I am currently accepting clients who need software troubleshooting and antivirus work.
Hardware repairs and upgrades will still be referred to All Systems Repair in Winooski. I'll be hoping to reinstate these types of repairs over the next couple of months, as my health hopefully continues to improve.
To contact me, call me at (802) 999-2673 and leave a message, detailing your computer issue and how to return your message. Alternatively, e-mail me at

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Where the Work Speaks for Itself




Rogati Tech was founded in 2009, and since the first day in business, owner and technician Ethan Rogati has provided high quality repair services to local residents in the northwestern Vermont area.

Ethan's focus on getting the job done thoroughly and with attention to detail at a cost that won't break your bank account is what he is known for.



From Tech Soup to Nuts

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Picking Up What Was Dropped

Laptop Repairs can be a scary experience for the user. If the laptop has been damaged by accidents such as falling to a hard surface or having liquid spilled onto the keyboard, the possibility of loss of data or the entire computer itself is real. However, more can be fixed than it may appear. From replacing damaged parts such as the external case and the video screen to recovering data, Rogati Tech is capable of fixing it.

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Sick of Malware Infections?

Ethan is a bulldog when it comes to virus removal, not giving up until the issue is resolved. He uses a battery of virus removal tools and leaves solid protection in place after the malware is removed.

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"We Can Rebuild Him"

Often, quicker than one might think, the state of the art laptop or desktop that was purchased not very long ago starts slowing down or becomes unable to run the latest programs.

Ethan knows how to upgrade your system, from operating systems to adding hardware components such as memory, a larger hard drive or a faster video card. He can even swap out the main circuit board, the "motherboard", giving the entire machine a new life.

Feel free to contact Rogati Tech if you're entertaining an upgrade, to determine what you need and how much it will cost. You might get more than you thought possible at a lower cost you thought anyone was capable of!



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